Youth Group*


The youth at Temple play an important part in the life in the church, therefore we encourage them to participate in as many of the activities as possible. In addition to the activities that are open to all the children in the church, those in 6th grade thru college are invite to participate in our youth group activities. These meetings, typically less formal then a tradition Sunday school class provide an opportunity for the youth to develop closer bonds with one another and with God. The activities in these meetings vary, from baking & cooking, to games & movies, to charity & volunteer work and whatever else the group leaders comes up with. The youth of the church are encouraged to invite friends to join the group, the more the merrier.

For more information about our Youth Group check back or contact our Youth Group Leader!

Up Coming Youth Events


* Group photo taken after a long day at the church flea market then youth group meeting and a movie, we were a little tired!