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Temple Lutheran Church was established in 1924 and settled in at its current location, on the corner of Route 130 and Merchantville Avenue in 1963. Situated at the heart of Pennsauken, Temple has been a place committed to providing a warm and welcoming place to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and being a congregation willing to help others. Today we offer two different worship services: a traditional service and a contemporary multimedia service. Each is a service of Holy Communion but offers its unique touch in the worshiping experience. We also have a Sunday Church School program, from September to June, for adults and children. As part of our social ministry activities we focus around three goals: READ -- FEED -- LEAD. As a congregation we are committed to helping people in our community learn and "read" English through English as Second Language programs. Additionally, we "feed" folks at our monthly Community Food Pantry and at our French Toast Friday’s at New Visions in Camden. We also "lead"--annually we lead a mission trips to John's Island in South Carolina and Biloxi, MS, to help rebuild homes that have been damaged by storms and/or poverty. These are just a few of the service projects Temple Lutheran Church participates in throughout the year and we welcome anyone to join us.

Temple Lutheran Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.


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